W065 DIY Ark of Noa - Complete set

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Construct a miniature Ark of Noa.

This complete set contains kits #1 to #4, plus two small fruit crates to display the finished project, four palm trees and pink flock for flowers.

The Ark is constructed with laser-cut MDF. Small rocks and green are supplied for landscaping, sisal for the roof and - of course - Noa and the animals. These figurines are made of white resin and can easily be decorated with acrylic paint.

Noa, standing bears, sitting bears, cows, donkeys, swans, pigeons, giraffes, unicorns, foxes, ostriches, reindeer, camels, hippos, sharks(fins), turtles, flamingos, crocodiles, horses, elephants, rhinos, sheep and cats.



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